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-Prayer support for Bob and Gary

by Dr. D ~ January 31st, 2012

Lord we pray for Bob and Gary. Let their healing proceed. Bathe Bob with your Holy Spirit and give him comfort in the reality that he cannot choose healing and direction for his friend and let him never give up in supporting him in prayer and in anyway that Gary will accept.

We also pray for Gary that his healing that seems to be disrupted right now will finally continue and that he will find the environment that will help him in that process.

Bob, sometimes friendship is not strong enough as a ‘higher power’ to assist in changing ones life and surrendering to the real God the Father of all is necessary and yet broken family relationships from the past seem to get in the way of accepting God’s love.

We learn to view and have a relationship with our heavenly Father through our relationship with our earthly parents particularly with our earthly fathers, and if that relationship was poor than we expect the same from God.

Bob you have chosen to go down a path of healing with help from God and Gary doesn’t seem to want to travel that same path right now and yet doesn’t want to get in the way of your healing. He may be having trouble believing that God the heavenly Father cares for him in the same way.

I pray that he will receive a new revelation from God that his heavenly Father cares for him far better than his earthy parents ever could or even any other person and does not reject him but offers healing, hope, and love. In Jesus name, Amen


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