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-Please Support Believe in prayers for friend Michelle

by Dr. D ~ January 21st, 2012

Please will you lift this prayer up to God:

"God you know the situations. We pray this is not the same and does not develop into that and we pray that Michelle’s gets better in Jesus name. Amen. God please help us understand the situation and respond better, please keep her man away from other women and keep him focused on her only, whisper in his ear and tell him how she feels and let him realise and come to his senses right now in the name of Jesus Christ."

This is what she said happened: ‘i told him how i felt today. i texted him why he acting like a stranger. he rent from texting me everyday hello n good night to nothing at all. its like i text him n he takrs hrs to respond r days. he says he busy r that he dont have to talk to me everyday. i told him it would b nice if he did. also since he always got time to text them girls. i told him i dont want to second guess myself. how we gonna get closer if we not talking. was i wrong he never responded.’

Please pray he keeps away from other women and focuses on her only and please also pray I am not and do not end up in the same situation, thank you.


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