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-Please pray for Sky Man’s friend and family

by Dr. D ~ January 14th, 2012

Please help solve the following situation…

I recently found out that a loved one’s husband left her two months ago and basically vanished and has not spoken to her since; he is believed to be abroad. They are married and have three young children.

She also found out a few days ago that he had asked some co-workers of hers behind her back for money in the thousands of dollars, basically in her name, though she knew nothing about it. Now, she has to deal with the fact that she is indebted to others at her job and has to cough up so much money to repay those people even though she never knew that it was taken or what it was done with or or even saw it in the first place.

She must also deal with the  humiliation at the workplace, as well as the fact that she now has to maintain the home, take care of the small children, pay the mortgage of the new home that they bought which is a fixer upper, fix and maintain the car which keeps on breaking down all without any help from her husband. They struggled even with two salaries coming in, but with hers alone, they certainly will not survive. She needs help urgently.

She isn’t the healthiest of people and has had many issues with her brain due to stress in the past even before this and was even near death once; I am just afraid that she has a nervous breakdown before it is too late.

Make him return to her to assist and also to answer to his wrong doings, also erase any evil ay have been at play.

help us, please help us in Jesus’ name I pray.

Sky Man

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