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-Please pray for Jeff and Tina

by Dr. D ~ November 28th, 2011

Excuse me for too many details but I think they will help you better understand how to pray for my situation.

My wife after 21yrs of marriage has walked out on me back in August 2011. She walked out for an affair with another man. To clear matters, I don’t believe there were any valid biblical reasons to leave our marriage. In my opinion her leaving was all about dissatisfaction with our marriage and her own life. Yes our marriage had some issues but nothing that justifies an affair and divorce. So she says she left for a better and more fulfilling life.

Going back to 11/11/08 I had a horrific auto accident that has almost taken my life and left me a different person because of the injuries sustained. I lost my job and I am in jeopardy of losing my house now that I am on disability. 3yrs after my accident my wife Tina decides to leave me for another man. Since she has left I have been persistently praying with people on the 24hr payer lines, receiving counseling and praying and talking with friends and family to help me through these times. It has been my prayers that Tina would have a change of heart and return to reconcile her marriage.

I believe what the bible says about marriage and divorce and I believe there are no legit reasons for Tina to give up on our marriage. She has simply grew tired of me not being able to fulfill her happiness as she has said, so she found someone else. I would like to say, although it has been a long time back to a certain degree of good health for me, I am getting there. The doctors tell me that I am a true miracle. My point is in due time I feel I will have at least 75% of my health back.

I would also like to mention how my wife’s family confesses to be Christian, as they go to church. But what I don’t understand is why they tell my wife not to return to me. I know this because I have heard them say this to my wife as well as I seen her uncles message to her on face book. So I said all that to say could you please pray for some specific request I have.

I ask you to pray with me that Tina will have a change of heart, that God will not let up on her, always reminding her that she has vowed to unite with me in marriage. Please pray the God will not let her rest until she makes her marriage right with me.

That God will frustrate her affair between her and her boyfriend. Please pray that God exposes and brings to light the truth of her affair and why she is in it, please pray that God exposes how Tina’s family is discouraging her from reconciling with her husband while at the same time knowing she is in a all out affair.

Please pray that God gives me patience while I am waiting for Him to do His work and that I stay encouraged and faithful. I have to tell you the truth; I have been wavering in my faith for a long time now after 2 extremely traumatic events in my life within the past 3yrs.

God please give me strength, courage, faith, wisdom and patience. God please help me not waver on my marriage and not give up on what I know your Will is for Tina and I.

Thank you


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