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-Please pray for Irma and her son

by Dr. D ~ October 14th, 2011

My ex husband Thomas allowed my son Christian  to bring Crystal and her two kids to live in their home. I prayed to God to open my son’s eyes cause I knew it was wrong and felt she wanted to control my son who has never been married. She was turning my son against me though God was faithful and deliver my son, he broke up with her and called me again. I was very happy.

The problem now is that this woman refuses to go and is still in the house wants to revenge from my son and she is now manipulating my ex Thomas against my son. My ex has allowed her to stay and she is not leaving.

They go out to diner together and they do not talk to my son. My son is hurting from seeing his dad turned against him as if he was a stranger to him. Please pray God breaks the evil she has planted between them and for my ex to stop being so blind. Please help me.


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