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-Please pray for DP and family

by Dr. D ~ July 13th, 2011

My wife and I have a wonderful marriage of about 20 years (the last few have been a bit rocky). We currently have a BEAUTIFUL 10 year old daughter!

My Father in law had sold us a house years ago with MAJOR pre-existing structural damaged to the tune of 50 to 60 thousand dollars. We were young, naive, and tried to deal with it all all of these years instead of upsetting her family, all the while absolutely destroying our life in every way, for all of this time. After paycheck cuts and more paycheck cuts, we found ourselves in a financial mess about to lose the house (We’d moved into another house our dream home – whilst floating the first).

She Finally approached her father for a meaningless amount of assistance, hoping he’d assist & care, just enough to get us by. He responded like an absolute monster, not caring whatsoever for his child (children) nor our family. After which I became very angry at his unbelievable behavior.

I took out some of this anger towards him on her (I am ashamed – used cruel words as weapons). This finally resulted in her taking my daughter and considering divorce.

After having the last 14 years of our life destroyed as a result of this house, then having him absolutely not care at all, now I am faced with having the last little shred of the mess of a life I have left be entirely devastated. I cannot believe what devastation this has caused for my entire family.

PLEASE I BEG of you, Please Pray for our family. I want soooo badly to right what I have done wrong with my wife, but my wife is very upset with me now and just wants to break our family. If we’d not have purchased this house, and I’d not have been a jerk, we’d have had an absolutely wonderful & blessed life & I’d now still have my family intact.

Once again, I beg of everyone out there, PLEASE PRAY FOR US. I am upset at myself for allowing my anger to cause this and just want to make it right, if she will only allow it. I Love my family more than life itself. I am beside myself with devastation. DP

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