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-Please pray for Joe

by Dr. D ~ June 19th, 2011

I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to talk to someone about what I’ve been going through for many years.  I am 58 years old and I have been a Christian for 25 years.  When I was saved I immediately pursued my faith and I actually ended up in leadership positions along the way, beginning with my second year.  I have taught Bible Studies, done counseling of sorts myself, and have done a lot of music ministry as well.

For the first few years nothing seemed to get in my way, but in 1992 I began an emotional (a little physical but not sexual) affair with someone that lasted for 7 months.

In 1996 I answered an ad for a massage and have been going on and off for all these years, going to places, seeing people that I should in no wise be seeing.  It’s not like it’s been constant, but every few months (historically) I have gotten back into this habit.

I am not a porn addict but I have dabbled (sparingly) through the years as well.

I am happily married but for a very long time my wife was ill and unable to accommodate me physically.

I simply cannot continue like this anymore.  I have even published books on the subject and I feel like the biggest hypocrite that ever walked the earth.  Sometimes I feel suicidal.  Please pray that my will would conform to my Heavenly Father’s once and for all — not for 6 months but forever.  Thank you.  I am really hurting.


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