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-Please Pray for Jerry and Margie and their family

by Dr. D ~ February 28th, 2011

…I thought you might pray for my family.

My husband’s name is Jerry.  I was on a different site of yours and sent a note about Jerry’s kidney stone.  I have prayed for him that God would show His mercy and in a miracle allow the huge stone to disappear.  He has had many major surgeries.  Eight months ago he had a valve replaced in his heart.  He’s afraid to go through another surgery so soon.  I also have prayed that he would accept Jesus as his Savior, but raised as a Jew, he’s too stubborn to do that.  I wonder if he would see the work of God in this situation if he would see God’s Glory and open his heart to Him. 

There are many other things that I need prayer for;  my grown children have fallen away from God, no longer worshiping Him.  Also, my eyes are failing, and our finances go to support my son and his daughter because his wife left because of an affair she had, and my son has not worked in over two years.  We’re not doing very well, and I get so tired of praying for our problems.  I need help because I feel very alone in my faith.  Thank you, …In Jesus,

Your sister, Margie

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