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-Please pray for this atheist lady and her family

by Dr. D ~ December 31st, 2010

Many blessing to those whom read this and God bless those less fortunate in our world.

I had a friend years ago. I haven’t spoken to her not by my choice (not that it matters whose choice) she became an Atheist and started to scold like a Charles Dickens Christmas novel regarding surplus population and not giving blood to reduce those lives she may have saved. She belongs to a very large Atheist organization in Minnesota.

Her son at 22 died of a heroine overdose this last Thanksgiving and she came to the end of herself. Dowsed her husband and home with Gasoline and set it a blaze. Stabbing herself several times with a screwdriver with 3 attempts coming almost fatally to her heart. Her husband survived. The house is gone. One month later, this last Monday she was released from the hospital and sent to jail. Regardless of any reasoning or time she may receive, I look at this as God giving her a second chance. I cringe to think what may have happened to her soul if she had passed under those circumstances.

I believe now more than any other time in the lives of her other 3 children that with the power of prayer this family will not only heal but be better in the name of Jesus than it will or would’ve been otherwise.

In the name of Jesus our heavenly father I pray this for this family. I would like to ask for your help to give this situation the power it needs to manifest in their hearts and minds. In Jesus name I pray  amen.   S

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