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-Please pray for CM

by Dr. D ~ November 19th, 2010

I have been under employed and unemployed for more than 2 years now.  I receive no benefits but have been struggling one my own.  Finally, the time has come where I see no hope. As of Friday, I have no place to live and all of my possessions which are in storage are being sold because I cannot pay the storage bills.

I have been looking for work for more than a year but have found nothing.  I use to work in the information technology area but apparently my skills are no longer needed at age 58.If the Lord our Father is sending me his grace,  then I truly do not understand the message.


I have always gone out of my way to help others, often sacrificing my own pleasure and rewards to help those in need.  The time has now come, when I am in need, yet there seems to be no programs to help those that are single, healthy, don’t do drugs, smoke or alcohol and have no mental problems except for dreaming of having a job and enjoyable life once again.

I am asking for prayer to restore my faith, to help me understand what my mission in life is suppose to be, I am especially asking for prayer to find me a job and a safe place to live.  I am asking for the Lord, Jesus Christ to please send his grace my way, to heal my soul, heart, body and mind and to grace me with a full time job which I would enjoy, where I can also help other people. I am asking for the Lord’s grace in finding me a new safe place to live. Finally, I ask that the Lord help me to understand how to apply his wisdom and knowledge which he may send me, for surely I do not understand the current message at all.



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