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-Please pray for guidance and healing for Stephen

by Dr. D ~ August 9th, 2010

Hi I’m near the end of it all.

I came to the UK in faith 5 months ago as I felt God was leading me out of southern Africa I left my family in Botswana and they are coming to UK in aug.

However I now need a back operation to remove kidney stones and I can barely walk it’s so sore have a job for 3 months they haven’t even signed a contract they don’t keep their word they try and rip clients off I need to be rescued what am I going to do with the girls coming so soon.

I’m in despair but I still believe I understand why people get desperate enough to kill themselves I won’t because of Jesus and my family but it’s so hard so much pain I have to work here as financially I don’t have an option.

Please pray I get guidance I don’t want to have misread Gods calling


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