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-Please pray for Linda, her family, and her sales job

by Dr. D ~ May 16th, 2010

Dear prayer line,  My name is linda and I am requesting prayer for my self  I am going  thru some hard ship financially and emotionally and phyically.

my mother had a stroke in the middle of march 2010 and my father has terminal illness and does not want to eat any more and he is loosing a lot of weight my heart very sad and I know God would never give me some thing I can not handle It is getting hard and I am scared I do not have any body that lives  with me I do have friends but they really do not  know the feeling of what I feel

I have a lot of  bills that are unpaid and my Job has suffered because of my worrys I work in a sales job where is if I do not sell my product I do not get paid May I request that God will open the doors of sales for me in Jesus name and that I will start be successful again so I can support my mother and father and son and daughter in law and my 3 grand children

I am not saying  that i pay for all there bills but I need to  focus and be strong to  make a living  I want to also request prayer that when my mother is really to go home from the hospital that my employer will let me work from home until she gets stronger they do have a program that does that but iam scared to ask them please pray that they will approve that for me . In Jesus Name Amen

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