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-Pray for Seth, needs guidance for the future and greater intimacy with God

by Dr. D ~ March 24th, 2010

First, pray that God will draw me much, much closer to Himself–in the Word, in worship, in
intimacy, in prayer. Pray that God will lead me to a Christian group that’s on fire for
worship, intercession, and intimacy with the HS. Also, I need God to open the way to go to
the school that He seems to be leading me to. Pray that my high school transcripts will
arrive soon, that I’ll get financial aid soon, and that they’ll hold my spot, and I’ll get
in. pray that I won’t miss any steps, and that I’ll do well in school. Please pray that
everywhere I send these prayer requests, God will reveal to the intercessors how to pray for
me for the next year. Pray for revelation on where God wants to take me, how He wants to
bless me or heal my life, and what things will come up that could (or do) hold back my
relationship with God.  Pray that they will pray fervently over my life this next year,
based on God’s guidance and revelations. Also, I’ve written an important private prayer on
a sheet–pray that He’ll answer it. Pray that we will get a Christian roommate who’s on
fire. Pray that God will help me to find many undiscovered prayer chains online, and send
many prayer requests out about my direction and future, and pray that He’ll draw many
powerful intercessors to pray over my life.

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