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-Please pray for Bob’s Mom and Dad…

by Dr. D ~ December 18th, 2009

Please pray for my parents. They are strong Christians but almost at the end of their rope. My Dad has Alzheimers and is 78 and doesn’t really realize that anything is wrong. My mom is 88, very ill and needs surgery which she may not survive. In addition to that they are having terrible financial difficulties which myself and my wife are really not able to assist them in. This only compounds their problems. I told them that God will never let them be tried beyond their strength and he will provide a way out of their difficulties but telling someone this in the midst of their problems does not always comfort them as much as one would like. I thank all of you if you’d only ask God to help us in these difficulties and also that God give me the wisdom, grace, knowledge and understanding so that I know what to do to best provide assistance for them in their most difficult situation. Thank all of you so much for your prayers. I shall be praying for all of you.

               God Bless,

               Bob J

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