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Archive for November, 2009

-Please pray for Patty who has rectal cancer…

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Please pray for my daughter Patty she was told she has rectal cancer has to take chemo and radiation for 7 weeks then they will operate to take the cancer out.She is 42 years old with two small children please remember my family in your prayers. Thank You   Bill

-Encouragement & Intercession

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Shelley ,I am praying for your partner I ask God to give him the strength to get help for his problem ,and also If you can please go to alanon for your self . My prayers are with you .Bob H<South Bend,Indiana>

-My partner is addicted to drugs and alcohol…

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

My partner is addicted to drugs and alcohol. he can’t find the courage to get clean and face the pain of his past. Please pray for him with me. He is a good man, just exhausted and lost and weak in his faith. God bless your goodness I cannot thank you enough. Shelley H.

-I need prayer for my marriage…

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

I need prayer for my marriage we were both backsliding but i came back to the Lord my wife Kim moved out last week i need God to bring her back to him and our marriage  my name is Richard E.

-Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

(Image via Wikipedia) Thanksgiving is a uniquely American celebration that began nearly four centuries ago with a deeply religious people, the Pilgrims, giving thanks to God for preserving them though a very hard year and bringing them their first bountiful harvest which they gratefully shared with their indigenous neighbors. It was our first President George […]

-I am praying to God for Jake…

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

I am praying to God for Jake and you and your wife  ! I ask that Gods will be done and that God do whats best in this situation. My prayers are with you . May Gods blessings shine on you ,your wife and Jake for Christmas . Amen . Bob H,<South Bend,Indiana>

-Need prayers for our grandson Jake…

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

May myself and my wife please ask for prayers for our grandson Jake please,he lived with us for 5 and a half yrs after his mother abandoned him from birth.then she came into his life and took him away from us. we get to visit him once a week and he keeps asking to come […]

-Please pray for 15 month old Kamryn…

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Please pray for my nephew’s 15 month old Kamryn who was diagnosed with the swine flu.  Complications set in and she needs surgery due to a cyst the size of a baseball on her neck.  Thank You and God Bless all of you….DLP   in Maine

-I do pray for your son Frank…

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

I do pray for your son <Allen>,and I pray for you and the rest of your family . May God guide you all direct you all and heal you all and restore you all to good health ,in Jesus name I pray Amen. I would ask that Gods will be done for all of you […]

-Need prayers for our son Frank…

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Our eldest son, Frank, is in the Jefferson Hospital, Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania. He (and his wife and son and my wife and I and the rest of our family) is suffering with severe kidney failure. The hospital is to begin dialysis and his name may be placed on the kidney transplant list if his heart […]