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by Dr. D ~ August 28th, 2009

Heya hope ur doing okay…
please would u carry me in prayer here is the gist of what is happening in my life at the moment:
I have met the man of my dreams and have a had a lot of confirmation concerning our future. HOWEVER:
I am under severe demonic attack to the point that i am not sleeping. I also feel that the enemy is trying to keep him bound and not allow him to move into his promised land with me.
he is going through a drawn out messy divorce and his ex is trying to get me involved and trying to make my life hell.. even though i have nothing to do with any of the problems.. and this started long b4 he and i got involved – which isnt very much involvement.

(as it is, he hasnt visited me or anything and he wont until everything is sorted out)
She has now had a private investigator look into my life since february. she has my home address, my cellnumber, my work address and email and work tel. she knows my id number, my middle name etc… every txt message, email, pic etc. even those when jono and i were just friends.
at this stage he and i have decided to not even have contact in case she comes after me again. the day b4 yesterday i received an email from her telling me to stop whatever it is i am doing. i then told jon about it and he confronted her and all this came out…
he doesnt really care bout himself but he is worried about me and what she may try to do.
She has been insisting that he stay in the house so the kids wont be affected by the divorce but now i realise it was so she could snoop around.. She even put a sort of virus on his pc so she could download all his passwords etc.
The irony is that she has been cheating on him for years and he has ignored it.. he hasnt even used it against her in the divorce in fact he didnt even go into it once.. he just wants her to move on and be happy.
i feel this is all bout money and it is also demonic since i have been interceding and praying for her salvation for about 2 weeks. its almost like a dog-in-the-manger syndrome that she has… she doesnt want him but i cant have him either.
so ya pls keep praying for breakthrough for us.. God has given us a lot of promises bout our relationship and our future etc..
now that we are having no contact, he is without emotional support.. next week he is away from home for work and since she wont be phoning him, he is alone.
all this nonsense is destroying his faith and to be honest i am tired too.
God also showed me this is why he hasnt been able to break with her completely
I know this is a time where God is working separately with each of us.. and i am embracing wot God is doing because i know in the long run there will be breakthrough and victory.
thanks again


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