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by Dr. D ~ June 29th, 2009

please pray for Steve K. A. who is addicted to porn and woman. He got himself a Christian woman and used her and booted her out. He claims he has no sin and first he turned to Christ than his roommate Ricky showed him girls on the net and mocked him for going to Christ than Steve began to give up. And now he claims he wants to be on that road to porn. He says its good for him But he has a son who is following his steps. He is only 12. And needs his dads attention.

Steve is 45 and doesn’t know how to parent this child.  I am asking for a prayer for him to come back to Christ and leave that what hurts him and his family. He is hurting people that love him. Steve says he has no sin and he wont admit he has done anything wrong. But people are crying around him and he says its their fault and puts blame. When in fact it is his heart and his mind that is harming his loved ones.

He plays on sin city game all day lusting over woman. This is not right with his child who is also doing that.
Thank you

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