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by Dr. D ~ May 21st, 2009

Good morning and Hello…I am asking for a prayer request for my aunt who we found out has colon cancer that just started.  She has an appointment on Friday, May 29th to remove the cancer before it spreads.  I’ve been praying for her and keeping my faith up and along with our family. 

Secondly, I am asking for a prayer for me, lately I have been getting in trouble for every small reasons here at work, I don’t look forward to work like I use to.  I have turned to God in a lot of ways and he has helped me and GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GREAT, I know ever since I have turned to God, the devil is trying to get in the way.  I just need guidance and reassurance from the Lord that everything will work in his favor and that everything will be ok.  I love this verse Matthew 5:44.  I’m trying so hard to not think about work right now and this one individual is just keeping an eye out for me and my mistakes and I owe up to what I do.  So i ask the lord to forgive the person who is trying hard to get me in trouble. 

Also with my relationship, if it weren’t for my Fiancé, i would’ve never known God and him and i go thru problems and sometimes i feel like giving up on him, but i love this man so much and as i was told I’m going thru my trials and tribulation and i just want the devil away from us and keep the angels around my family and I so at this time…I just need that prayer. Thank you very much.  And I’m emailing from New Mexico. 

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