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by Dr. D ~ December 21st, 2008

Please pray for my marraige. I just had my wedding 6 months ago and about 5 weeks ago my husband suddenly informed me he wanted a divorce. I am so heartbroken and ashamed, I do not want to go home, because I do not have the heart to tell my family at this time. I am 600 miles away from home (I came here with his military career) and I am all alone. We were supposed to spend Christmas but now I will be spending it alone. My husband has been so cruel to me, and I think he may have a trauma associated mental condition. He has left our home, and despite me trying to be calm and civil, asking for marriage counseling, he says his mind is made up. He is very hostile so now I avoid him. I did say for better or worse but I am crying every day, praying, so sick and have lost 30 lbs. I feel have to pretend that everything is fine at work when I am falling apart. I desperately need healing and peace for him and for me. I want to save my marriage, but if that’ not God’s plan I pray for comfort and the courage to move on.

Thank You

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