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by Dr. D ~ December 21st, 2008

From: Sheila

Please pray that God would mercifully deliver me and my three yr old son, all of our personal belongings and all persons and places that have been affected by a bird mite infestation.  I have unfortunately unwittingly brought my infestation to a couple of houses besides the one wherein the problem originated.  Numerous exterminators have been used, the locations treated and still though these nasty little creatures are now at a “low roar”, they still persist.  None of the three homes have been completely freed of these little bugs.  I cannot get them out of my car or my clothing, though I have bombed the car, vacuumed it and washed and dried the clothes.  I am presently unemployed and this is breaking me financially.  I am living in a motel that I have infested and I am afraid to move into my new home because I will likely bring them there.   I have contacted the local, state and federal authorities in desperation and so far, to no avail.  If I move in and continue to have bugs, I will likely bring them to my new employer, (when I get employed) and to my son’s babysitter.  I am at my wits end.


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