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by Dr. D ~ November 29th, 2008

Hello. I am sending this prayer request for my 3 boys who are 14, 12 and 7 yrs old.
Now I will just give a quicky back ground why my babies need this I am a recovering heroin addict . I struggled for about 4 yrs with that devil powder. I am proud to say I am clean and sober for over a year now. But…. I lost my children to my X husband about 4 years ago. He is angry at me for destroying our lives, I hate myself for all the pain I have caused. PLS can you pray that  Jesus will bring my boys and myself back together again.

My X refuses to listen to the court order for visits and I have no money for a lawyer. I am dying without my babies. I miss them and have SOOOOO much guilt PLs pray my X will open his heart to the holey spirit and let me see my children. He (my X) is from Iran and does not understand our culture very well so it has been really difficult for my boys. They cry for me but I have no $ for a lawyer. pls pray for my sons and their dad
thank you god bless Darcy

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