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by Dr. D ~ November 29th, 2008


Could you please include my family in your prayers. My mom has dementia very badly and has spells full of fear for her life and she is forgetting her who her family is. She was so intelligent, so for her to be loosing her mind must be extremely terrifing for her. Please pray for her health and spiritual health. My father has diabetes and has a need to really seek a real relationship with the Lord and ask for forgiveness for his sins. I don’t know if he is baptisied or not. Please pray for my nephew and my nieces. We have a new family member due to a birth in our family.

This ouside family member has been a bad influence on my family. He recently influenced my family into crime, which they never have ever been invovled with at all. Now they have all subcumbed to this influence. I am very afraid for their spiritual health and for them. I don’t want them involved in crime , I don’t want them to go to prison or to have to face consenqences they are too young to fully understand the severity of. This outside family member has been like a poison to all my family that he comes involved with. I don’t wish him bad, I just want him to turn to the Lord and be saved and if he chooses not to I pray God will just take him away from my family. My nephew really needs extra prayers please, because he has other things going on in his life now too that are pulling him farther and farther from God. Since he was baptised about 4 yrs ago it seems like Santan has been really working on him. Pray for his lust and greed and need to be so involved and like the world through material things. He’s gambling now and my sister, his mother says he’s invovled now in some kind of sex club. Please pray earnestly for him. Prayer for my sister that she dosen’t keep drinking and she dosen’t continue to fall away from God. Please pray for my marriage. There has been no initimacy for over 6 yrs. I have tried my best to be a loyal wife, it’s been hard. I have had sexual context conversations with an old boy friend but nothing more. I know that that is adultry and pray for forgiveness. I am very lonely and want affection. Please pray that my husband will seek a relation ship with God and through that a healthy marital realtionship will return between us. Pray for all our healths spiritual and physical. Pray that we will continue to grow with God and build our relationships with God. Now that the seven seals are beginning to open I am very afraid for my family. Please pray for the protection and steadfast loyalty and faith of my family to rely on God and for God to protect us and provide for us during these harder times to come before his return. Thank you.

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