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by Dr. D ~ November 23rd, 2008

Father in the name of Jesus our Lord and King, we bind every evil spirit and we cast
satan back into the pit of hell where he belongs!  As sons and daughters of ALL
migthy God, the Great "I Am," we proclaim your angels of warfare set forth in their
lives, ministering angels are set forth to replace every lie with Your truth, and
heal every hurt!  Holy Spirit fill their lives, homes, cars, work and schools.  In
the name of Jesus, no weapon formed against them shall prosper!  Hallelujah! Glory
To God in the highest!  Father, position Christian people in their lives to minister
to them!  Put a wedge between them and those who are being used to steal them from
You.  Lord, provide, protect, guide and restore them!  Jesus wrap your powerful arms
around them and hold them close to You!  Set the captives free that they may serve
You and Your Kingdom!  We claim these precious lambs for the Kingdom of God!  Father
put your hedge up around them!  Rain forth your glory in their lives.  Make the
blind see and the deaf hear the word of God.  Convict their hearts into obediance to
you.  Heal them Abba.  Show them your tender mercy and love, in the midst of your
miracle power!  All of this we proclaim in the name of Jesus!  Amen!  Praise You
Yashua!  Thank You for the victory!

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