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by Dr. D ~ October 31st, 2008

I am a contractor, because of the economy, I have NO work coming in, house payment due, along with bills. Am going to have to start taking treatments (chemo) within the month but still plan on working if work comes in. Plus, yesterday 10/29/08 came home to find my loving dog sick, was told by vet to put her to sleep, was the hardest thing I’ve experienced with an animal that I loved so much. I felt pressured to do so,for I know the Bible tells us thou shalt not kill, YES I am a born again Christian for about 30 years. Did I do the right thing, will I see her in heaven, my belief is I will, since the Bible tells us that all are living creatures and that in Heaven the Lion will lay down with the Lamb. So, that goes to show that there will be animals in heaven. Times right now are rough for me as you can see, so will you please keep me in your prayers and pray for me concerning all these requests. God Bless each of you who pray for me and may His Love dwell stronger in your Hearts and Minds. Tony

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