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by Dr. D ~ August 29th, 2008

Dear Reverend Pastor, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, my prayer warriors and everyone
With a humble heart, I am appealing for your mercy and sincere prayers to Jesus for me.

I am very sad because of my marriage relationship with my wife, Carole Lina, seem to be falling apart, crumbling and crushing to the ground.   I love my wife of 28 years and I never cheated on her.   We had a beautiful life together until Rebecca (my stepdaughter, age 29) was re-united with Carole and has been financially dependent on us in years.   I thought we’d be a happy family together but Carole’s daughter breaks us apart and convinces her mother to find a better man for financial support.   I grew up prayerful and I shared my strong faith to God with my wife until she finally stopped praying with me.

As I get closer to God, my shoulders get heavier and painful from the weight of my cross.   I get nervous, very fearful and scared of people knocking at my door, I don’t know why.   My fears arrived and haunted me when I received a letter from Berks Courthouse.

I sincerely want my wife back because I love her.   I pray that we would be together again as husband and wife, loving and caring for each other much.   I pray that Carole stays with me and prays with me than listen to ill advices of wrong people.   I treasure 28 years of our relationship thru thick and thin, in sickness and in health, thru all sadness and laughters.   I want to save our relationship though we experienced trials and tribulations.

I rebuke and I cast away all evil spirits and satan around us, the evil spirits of divorce, the evil spirits of court hearings and the evil spirits of financial problems, in Jesus Most Holy Name, Amen.   May I humbly ask that we be included in all your daily recitations of prayer, masses and novenas.
Please pray for me and for Carole that we will get thru all these difficulties.   I beg you all, have mercy on us, pray for us to Jesus, Amen.  Sincerely, Ed B.

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