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by Dr. D ~ June 15th, 2008

Thank you very much for you prayer….

The initial conversation went just OK with the gentleman named Mark S. (the electrical sub-contractor) yesterday.  When I told him that the contract did not include my paying him an additional $9,700, he lied and told me that the original contractor (Aron K. the General Contractor) signed a contract with him (Mark S. the sub-contractor) to pay these additional $9,700 dollars but “he (Aron K.) must not have given me copies of the revised contracts.”  Yeah, right!!   

Well, Mark S. said will call me again today to further discuss this.

A little more background information …. I have found out subsequent to signing contracts with them (about a year plus later) that they (Mark S. and Aron K.) make it a habit to create new, falsified contracts and then they back date them. How can one prove it though when the law offers little or no protection?   I’ll explain ….

What Mark S. he is trying to do, along with Aron K. is to stall the completion of the work until he receives more money than he originally requested on his contract.  Mark S. (and Aron K.) knows that to take it to court would be far more expensive for me in both attorney fees and court fees than to pay the additional dollars he is trying to hold me hostage for.  Together they want $9,700 more for Mark S. and $10,000 more for Aron K..  The attorney’s have said that just the original retainer fee for each situation dealing with each guy separately would be $5,000 (or $10,000 total for both as they are two separate legal entities) … and that is without a single bit of work being completed by the attorneys – – three different attorneys told me this and one said the whole thing was not worth it to litigate. An even more huge cost would be the interest and time lost on the project which would amount to more than the $19,700 within less than a month. The contractors could also place a lien against the house which makes it difficult to sell and at best very costly to legally maneuver around if one tries to.  One of the attorneys told me that this practice by contractors is very common, more than people realize. The contractors know that they “have you” and that the only legal recourse for someone like me is actually more expensive than paying them off – – that is why the contractors keep doing these things. The law protects them and it is one of the “dirty secrets of the construction industry.”

By the way, it was Mark S. that brazenly told multiple workers and other sub-contractors on my job that in the past, if he did not get what he wanted from the people he worked for that he would return to the job and without anyone knowing it, cut the electrical wires, re-route additional wires to different areas of the home, tear out electrical work completed and make so much chaos that the owner would double pay for not agreeing to his demands.   Aron K., the General Contractor would brazenly told  workers and other sub-contractors that he “had sent hit men to break legs and take out those that opposed him.”  He used much spicier words when he also said that he did not mess around with people that did not pay him what he wanted. 

What if I tried to get someone else to complete the electrical work instead of Mark S.?  He legally could lien the house, creating those legal issues and then take me to court and the court would order me to pay him because the contract was originally with him.  Again, the law does not protect the small people like me.

As to Aron K.,  he chose to leave the job (incomplete by the way) and is no longer on the job but he is still demanding an additional $10,000, a demand that came out of nowhere. But he knows that the delays and legal costs are more prohibitive than to pay him the money.  The problem is, I don’t have that kind of money to pay off these crooks.

On a human level, there is no justice in this at all.  That is what I am up against and that is why I need a supernatural miracle from Jesus., plain and simple. 

Jim             *Top

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