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by Dr. D ~ May 30th, 2008

Will you please pray for my brother-in-law and my sister; my brother-in-law is having chest and lung pain and was admitted to the hospital today. He has a history of heart problems and last month he was diagnosed with pneumonia. They are together and asking for prayers. Thank you all!

Will you also please pray for my new love, Daniel? He is a permanent resident of the USA; however, he went to Uruguay recently to help his parent move into an easier lifestyle. When he left the States, he did not realize he was to send a letter in advance for permission to come back to the US. Now, he is running into problems because of a new policy. He is a good man, believes in God and prays daily. Will you please pray for Daniel to be able to come back to his home in the USA and to again be a good permanent resident of our wonderful country? I am also asking for God’s guidance as our relationship unfolds in loving, compassionate, respectful ways. Thank you again! gh

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