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by Dr. D ~ January 27th, 2008

I am unemployed and cannot find a job. I am in Dallas,Tx. I get offered good paying data entry and customer service jobs right and left until they run my criminal background, then I ge turned down. I even got fired from a job after one month because my background came back, even though I was upfront about it and did a very good job according to my boss.

I have a felony conviction in 2003 for unlawful restraint.

At the time, I had a very abusive,criminally minded girlfriend who took over my life, my car, and my home. She drove us down to Bonham one day and took her grand daughter out of her ex father in law’s home at knife point, then jumped in the car with her and drove us to Terrell. The police arrested us both for aggravated kidnapping and I was convinced to take a plea bargain of unlawful restraint which is still a felony and considered violent. I had never been in serious trouble with the law before I met her. I even completed a year and a half of college and was an honors student in high school. But after this conviction, nobody will hire me, even people I have worked for before. I am perceived by most people as being uneducated,criminally minded, violent, or crazy after they run my background check. I sound awful on paper thanks to all of this, it is like my past before the conviction has been completely erased.

I am staying with a friend, but she barely can pay her own bills, I really need a job and my own income. I am getting severly depressed. Please pray for me. I feel God does not care about me anymore, and in the past few years, supposed Christians have treated me very badly, even stealing everything I owned from me. So I am scared to make friends,but I am getting lonely and depressed staying at home always and cannot take this being broke much longer ! I literally have $2 only to my name and nothing coming in, my life has no meaning or purpose. Please pray for me !

P.S. No I am not a lesbian anymore in case you are wondering since I mentioned an ex-girlfriend. I do not even date since I cannot find a nice man who would put up with my felony,my Hepatitis C, and I am overweight also.             *Top

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