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by Dr. D ~ January 23rd, 2008

II am asking for prayer for myself. I have been through three kinda rough years. I  cannot get one foot in front of the other and have made an appt to see a councler. I am someone who has always worked and was put ot of work because of multiple surgeries. I made it through 2 yrs  of no income by talking to Jesus every day but I can’t seem to do it anymore and have to take care of mysellf. I have a loving family but they have their own problems to deal with. I receive ss disability and Ipers but blow it as soon as I get it . I am a strong person but need al ittle lift right now and all the prayers I can receive. I also have cancer and that just hit me in the noggin recently.Even though I went through the radiation and Chemo in the late spring of this year . I would appriciate all the prayer I can get . Thank you, Bridhet J              *Top

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