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by Dr. D ~ January 22nd, 2008

Please pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart

PLEASE VERY EMERGENCY REQUEST FOR Nedime whose left eye went blind and also the second eye is in trouble because of her high blood pressure and her bones about to collapse and she is only about early 60’s.

Please for Jesus’ sake for Jesus’ sake pray for and PUT on the Altar, in the Chalice  IRFAN and Nedime and MUFIDE and Sema and Mehmet Berke and all the family trees living and dead past, present, future  members that the LORD will have Mercy on us, convert us, forgive us, heal us, save us, grant us longest lifes, Holy visions, Holy revelations about the Truth, fill us with His Holy Ghost, clothe us with His Divine Grace and hide us in the Cithadel of THE SACRED HEARTS OF JESUS, MARY AND JOSEF and in the BLOOD in the bleeding SACRED WOUND OF HIS SACRED HEART for all eternity with all our houses, transportation vehicles, work places, dear ones, all our travelings, suitcases,  that not any evils, dangers, disasters, will come near us and not any enemy will ever be able to harm us or any dear ones or anything that blong to us in any way and that nothing and nobody will be able to prevent GOD’s Will, destined for us from all eternity, from being entirely fullfilled in our lives. And for deliverance from all our sins and from the sins of our ancestors.

God will Bless you abondantly from Heaven, in Jesus’s Mighty Name I pray. Mufide.Â

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