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by Dr. D ~ November 15th, 2007

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers, telephone calls, and many expressions of love. During the early morning hours, God heard and answered. Bob’s heart started beating normally. The cardiologist wanted to do a special nuclear stress test to see the blood flow of the heart. After several hours, he declared, ” your pictures are perfect!” We are grateful to Jesus, our wonderful, amazing Healer that He is. He continues to write new chapters of our testimonies. He is Faithful and True. We love each one of you for giving of your selves to intercede for Bob. He will be seen by his cardiologist in a few days for follow up. We believe for total healing, and that there will not be a recurrence of this episode. Jesus gets all the glory.

Thank you again,With gratitude, Tassoula            *Top

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