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by Dr. D ~ November 12th, 2007

please send a prayer for rameses she is very ill she is just a child of five years abused beaten physically ruined by constant mistreatment to little for surgery too big for anything now dear dear lord give her some relief from her present digestive illness she has not the spirit or heart to go to the doctor anymore nor do i have the soul to take her there again it is too painfull for both of us including my husband must we see her suffer like this you can help i know you have never failed i am knocking on heavens gate this night november 11 2007 call father john adeshigibin and ask him for the blue light for our little ramsey please call upon the holy ghost and the giver of strength for all of us amen and amen not my will but thy will i will accept in your name i can take the pain in your name my god and i offer it up as always to those in most beed of thy mercy.        *Top

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