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by Dr. D ~ August 29th, 2007

God, guess what! Derrick asked me to go to dinner tonight so we can talk. I’m so excited, but of course, I’m a little cautious and confuse, that’s why I’m turning to you. God, please let your will be done. I like the guy so much and can see myself loving him but I know that he may also not be the guy you have for me. I just have this feeling….He is not a Christian, God.

Here is my question for you though….How can you expect me to purge my feelings for a guy who is not a follower. God, I want him and care about him! It’s not easy! We also already made love. Remember I asked you to let it work out since I hate having to sleep with guys and letting them go? God, I can see things working out with Derrick after we overcome some of our problems. I was hoping maybe you can help him to become a disciple so things will work out.
Who am I kidding? Am I being an excessive control freak again? Please forgive me for trying to control things once again and not having faith in you. Lord, in spite of how much I want to be with this guy and how much I want him sexually (please forgive me but I’m just being honest), I will refrain and control myself. Rather, I will put my faith and trust in You. You know the best for both of us! Even though it’s gonna hurt like crazy letting him go, I will because I trust in You. Please BE A PART OF OUR DINNER TONIGHT AND GUIDE/BLESS THE CONVERSATION. Let it be pleasing to you. Also, please humble our hearts as we talk. Please let your will be done because You are our Creator. God, if it;s your will for us to be together, let it be. If you just want us to be friends, may the night end for us as friends and forever will be. 🙂
I thanks you for this opportunity. Thank you for answering my prayers so promptly. God, please give me the strenght to let Him go if that’s Your will. If you want us to be together to fulfill Your plan, then let it be. That would make me happy only if that’s how you want it to be. I love You and pray all this in Your Son’s name Amen.–Joyce            *Top

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