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by Dr. D ~ August 29th, 2007

God,Thanks for being the God of my life. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I feel like I need your help every minute of the day.

Lord God, please help me to be patient and learn how to wait for everything, not just responses but answers and blessings in my life. I really have the tendency to take control of things and be obsessed. How do I get over that? Can you please heal me? God, I promise you I am trying and the only reason I haven’t done exactly what you want me to do is because I’m not clear on it. What do you want me to do to get over my impatience, my tendency to be a control freak, and my lack of self control? God, please help me to be in tune to what you want and in You. Please give me your Holy Spirit and let it dwell in me until I get to heaven to be with you. I love you and am so grateful to be your daughter. I pray all this in Your Son’s name, Amen.    Joyce            *Top

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