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by Dr. D ~ August 28th, 2007

Good Morning Heavenly Father,

God, I woke up this morning feeling groggy. I got to work late. Seeing Tracy and hearing her talk to Derrick kinda got to me. I miss the guy so much. What makes it so hard to get over him is the fact that the guy didn’t really do anything majorly wrong or am I just validating his behavior because I’m still not over him? God, this is so hard. I mean, I pushed him away so much that it just got to the point where he didn’t care anymore. God, I want to see him and give him a hug before I leave, but I’m afraid that will just make it harder for me to let go. Maybe it’s better that I don’t see him at all. Maybe we need some time away from each other. I know things will get better later, I just have this feeling.

Please be in control of my heart so that I may refrain from doing things that are the desires of my sinful nature – lying, snooping, being manipulative, lusting, and trying to get even. Those things are not from You Lord. I messed up enough to keep sabotaging any kind of good relationship I can ever have with him. God, please…..I need your help. I;m not asking to get Derrick back, although I would love for that to happen. I’m askign that Your will may be done in every area of my life, especially my relationship with Derrick, my weakness. God, please allow me to depend on You for guidance and answers, rather than getting so emotional and just focusing on the instant gratification of my sinful flesh. I really want to do what’s right! I need your help! Please help me! Thanks for listening and I pray all these in Your Son’s name, Amen.             *Top

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