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by Dr. D ~ August 27th, 2007

Greeting – it’s good to “see” you again. It’s been awhile since I have posted but I would like to ask for prayer on behalf of a couple of friends.

Our friend D.M. is suffering severe physical and emotional problems as a result of her weight. She is probably several times her normal weight and doesn’t know how to escape the clutches of the gluttonous spirit that has engulfed her. Her parents are unwittingly contributing by providing the food and are afraid to confront her about it. It seems only God’s intervention can help turn things around.

Another friend Phyllis has confided in us that her husband has a terrible gambling problem, and for years it has caused them financial hardship. She has had to continue working past her normal retirement age to keep the bills paid. Please pray that God will plant a good seed in him that will grow, and that the relationship can be renewed without the burden of this addiction.

Thanks in advance and you will be in our prayers as well.             *Top

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