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by Dr. D ~ June 22nd, 2007

I ask that you pray for Me and my family that is my wife and son.We are having financial problems as i am not working full time due to studying, and failing to meet my college bills we seek your prayers so that we may find ways of paying the college bill.

I ask that you pray for me also that i may be myself as my workmate and i seem to have over paid a customer at work and i am in fear of losing my Job please pray for us. laso pray for us that we may find someone to look after our baby boy as we go for work. I thank all who will pray for us.

We also seek that they lord openes new doors as regards work for both myself and my wife. God bless.

Lord bless this family and give them wisdom in the handling of their finances. Inspire them with new directions that they might take in order to solve their financial situation. Let there be grace at the husbands job and bring an increase for him there. Also give them wisdom in exploring all the different choices before them in taking care of their son. Let your blessings follow them where ever they go and in what ever they do. In the name of the Lord Jesus we pray, Amen.             *Top 

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