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by Dr. D ~ June 22nd, 2007

Pls pray for my co-worker Traci and her family that the court will release their son without criminal records this coming July 27. Their son is being falsely accuse by a bank robber who rob a bank while my co-worker son was at school. This whole family are devote christians. The grandfather is a deacon and the whole family are the nicest family that you can ever have to embraced.. Pls pray for the court hearing on July 27th.. In Jesus name.. Amen

Lord, we pray for this family that you would strengthen them and bless them with your Spirit during this time of need. Give them wisdom on how to deal with this case and increase the wisdom and understanding of the lawyer defending their son. Let the truth come out, and let all questions be resolved in a timely manner. In Jesus name, Amen.           *Top

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