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by Dr. D ~ March 5th, 2007

Please Pray for my Husband and Me. We Bought a building and believe that the person that sold it to us was honest christian and we did not request and inspector to check the building know we have some legal problem with the porch and we are trying to fix the problem but right know are finances are dimished.
 We would like to fix the situation ASAP but we cannot. Please pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will Help us. We are trying to sell our other Buildings and the house where I live and Grew up to fix this situation.
 We are not just sitting and waiting we are trying our best to get the porch fixed. We need Jesus’s help for this problem. Thank You for standing up with us in Prayer

Our Heavenly Father, we stand in aggreement with our bother and sister.  Bring wisdom to them and shine light on the situation in order for them to see and to find the best answer and resolution for their problem. Lift them up and encourage them now through your Holy Spirit.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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