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by Dr. D ~ February 15th, 2007

Please pray for Christine and her family. Christine is a heroine addict with three young children. Only God’s direct intervention can help remove the spirit of addiction, discourage the bad influences that surround them, and heal years of hurt and suffering. Help her find a good church in the Chillocothe area - or wherever she ends up. Pray that Christine’s mother has the will to stay strong in her conviction, do God’s will, and that she understand that only through Him will lasting healing take place. As always, we will keep your ministry in our prayers. God bless you for your work and prayers in Jesus’ name. 

Dear Lord, we stand and pray for Christine and her family,  send your Holy Spirit into this situation and bring your Divine intervention and healing upon Christine and by your Divine providence, take this family to the place and the church where their healing will begin.  Lift up them all and let them feel your presence in their life and give them all hope that there is really an answers to all that they face, and that answer lies in your Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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