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by Dr. D ~ January 25th, 2007

brothers and sisters. i have had health issues in the last several years involving a brain tumor. i have had radation and chemotherapy and am now experiencing anxiety tremors due to this that have yet to quit. please pray that these quit and my walking will improve and i will be able to come off of some of the medication i have had to go on that has slowed me down tremendously.  also please pray for a new job for me where i will have less stress and a higher income. pray for my parents finances and my sisters finances.pray for an aunt that is going thru a divorce. pray for my family on both sides and all friends. help me to have the strength to live and enjoy life. thank god for what i do have health and otherwise and i am declaring that he will answer these prayers in jesus name. amen.  jdhii89  
        Lord, we pray for the health of jdhii89 that the tremors will stop and pray for improvements in his movement.  Sustain this one with your love and pour out your Holy Spirit and bring comfort and stability both to this ones health and finances.  Bring your blessing upon this whole family and surround them all now in this time of need.   In Jesus Name, Amen.


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