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by Dr. D ~ January 20th, 2007

Please include in your prayers the following two people:

Michael Phillips age 16 just lost his father, and his mother is very ill. Pray for God to touch his heart with his loving healing, phisically, mentally and emotionally.

Martin Jones age 18 diagnosed with schitzophrenia and bi-polar disease has recently had to be hospitalized. Pray for God to reach through his mental illness, and lay his healing hand upon his mind and his chemical balance, and pray for his family who bears his burden in many ways.

My wife and I will keep your ministry in our prayers. Thanks for the lifeline!

Lord we stand along side and support these prayers. Let your Holy Spirit come in an uncommon way to these two teenagers, bring healing, hope, clarity, and let them be assured of your love for each one. We pray that Michael will find close friends and family to support him in this time of need. We also pray in particular for the family of Martin, that you would give them strength and wisdom in support of their son. Encourage them Lord, do not them them feel abandoned. In Jesus name, Amen.               *Top

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