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by Dr. D ~ November 26th, 2006

a magical miracle needed for the holidays, god bless you

Please pray for the conflict between Boyd and Rhonda to fly away with the birds with all their problems from the past and lies, and trust issues also to go before Gods hands. Pray Boyd will find the willingness to truly fall back into the love he has for Rhonda and regain trust and let all the outside influences of other people and rumors go through him, and pray he believes in Rhonda and her soul and has faith, love and trust and that he realizes how much he misses and loves her and their family and want to start new with them.

They urgently need a miracle. They have a beautiful baby coming in Feb 2007 that needs a family. Pray he will hear from God that babies need the whole family and not just a transfer from house to house. Please pray that he comes to her and restarts and loves her again and clears his head and leaves all other women alone, that they love each other and he feels she cheated on him she never did, pray he will realize her love for him and that everyone was wrong with their assumptions and telling him the baby isn’t his, the baby is and can only be his due to her devotion to him only.

Please dear God in the heavens above quit the fighting and devastations and lead these two back together in the name of the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, amen. Let them only dream, think and remember each other everyday with signs from God. Amen. They had the ultrasound on Monday, held hands, and you could see it in boths eyes they are scared to be hurt again or trust, they love this baby and their family and each other. Please dear God, pray and have a miracle go to Rhonda and Boyd to turn back toward each other for a lifetime of happiness. financial luck and miracles.   also thankyou and god bless,  all my love rhonda

Lord, we pray for this couple, that your Spirit will be with them both and bring peace and forgiveness between them.  Let them consider their coming child and do what is best for everyone involved.  Help them to lay aside their selfishness and individual plans, let them plan together for their future and for their child.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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