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Prayer For America, from James Robison

by Dr. D ~ October 22nd, 2006

(In Charisma Magazine, October, 2006, pg.50)

Specifically, let’s pray:

•For all to bow before God in humility and not wait to fall before Him in humiliation.

•For all in authority to have wisdom to make the right decisions and the resolve to stand by them.

•For the family of faith and all who love freedom to search their own hearts and turn from evil.

•For our enemies to be turned from deadly intent and acts, and their plans and deceptive practices to be exposed, thereby nullifying their actions and protecting the innocent.

•For the ultimate defeat of all terrorist activities.

•For peace in our hearts and on earth.

•For America and the free world not only to enjoy the fruit of prosperity, but also to share compassionately and consistently their blessings with others.

•For the Christian church family to live in oneness with God and the unity of the Spirit that Jesus prayed for, so the world will know we are truly His disciples and that He is revealed through us as the ever-lasting Lord of all.


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