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by Dr. D ~ August 21st, 2006

i need prayer for my son ian barron in wichita ks, hes been sick alot and tired and cant talk much and had a chest caved in problem ,i finally took him in to the doctor today,he has a disabilty because of his chest,its crushing his heart and lungs..so for him to live he needs to go to a children hospital far away i pray you get this in pray circle..for him to live through surgery when it happens cause hes only 4 years old and weak ..is why there would be problems in surgery..he can die..pray he will be healed and live through this,hes too little for sugery ,and they said this ..im scared and sick ..just pray he will live through surgey or be healed.

Lord, we pray for Ian Barron, send your Holy Spirit and give him strength and let the surgery be successful.  We left up his family and pray that you would strengthen them also during this crisis.  Lord, send healing his way,  in Jesus name Amen.

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