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by Dr. D ~ July 2nd, 2006

From my friend David, who struggles against an incurable disease:

The visit to the Doc was not as good this time around. I have some 
swelling on the left leg and vascular markings on the right. He felt 
I was very pale and that I had thermal temperature differences 
between left and right hands.
He told me I have to slow some and that I can’t keep the pace I had 
as I am tapping into energy that is needed for healing the body.
I have a record amount of prescriptions, so we will see if this helps.
Blood test results in next week. Thank you for all your prayers

Lord, we ask for you to strengthen and encourage David.  Lift him up and carry him and his burdens.  He is frustrated because he doesn’t have the physical strength to carry out the ministry that he would like to do for you, and he is concerned about what he will be able to do, and what he should do with all the committments he does have.  We ask, come Holy Spirit and lighten his burden, give him wisdom to see the really important stuff that you will be giving him strength and grace to complete.  Holy Spirit, dial down the restlessness and raging frustration within him and temper it with hope and with the faith that only you can bring.  Bless him now and lift him up always, in Jesus name, Amen  


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