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by Dr. D ~ June 26th, 2006

Request for Prayer from Oliver of Louisiana:

After Hurricane Katrina, my boss took another position leaving a vacancy in the office.  It quickly became my responsibility to do both jobs and was told that my job would be reallocated to include all of the work but that my pay would be adjusted likewise.  I have been doing my job, evenings and nights if need be, and was told that my work is impeccable.  Today I was told that the reallocation did go through but it only changed my job title.  There would be no monetary compensation for the many new jobs that were added to my position.  I need you to pray with me that GOD intervenes in this job.  …    

     Our Heavenly Father, we pray with Oliver, that you would bring a change of heart and mind to those who are in a supervisory position over him.  These folk are looking for ways to cut the expenses in their own departments, to look good, receive good reports, and be in line for promotion themselves.  Lord, let them see the pain and the pressure that they are causing.  Trouble their sleep Lord, some of these folk claim to be Christians, come Holy Spirit and show them what they are really doing to those under them, and give them strength to confront those above, who are dishing out all this pressure to save a few dollars. Also, give them greater compassion for those that they supervise.  In the mean time, Lord, we ask that you send your Holy Spirit to boost up Oliver, give him strength to continue, encourage him and give him peace and joy.  Help him Lord, to deal with the bitterness that he is beginning to feel toward those above him, and give him grace for those he works with. Let him feel your presence and be secure in your love for him.  Lord we ask that you would make this a learning and growing experience for everyone–redeem it Lord.    In Jesus name, Amen. 


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