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by Dr. D ~ June 1st, 2006

Request from Theresa, a long-time friend, for her son Gary:

Gary is 53 and around 5 years ago had basal cell carcinoma under his right eye.  It was quite extensive and he was sent to USC by his HMO for surgery.  A couple of years later he had surgery again to remove his eye and eye socket.  2 years ago they removed a tumor and his ethmoid sinus.  A couple of months ago another tumor was removed and he now has a large cavity that goes from the top of his nose to an inch above the tip of his nose.  He is had a protective shield made last week and will have the ‘mapping’ of the area on June 5th.  After the mapping is finished he will begin six weeks – five days a week radiation.  He will have to wear a leather mask besides the shield for the ethmoid sinus cavity.  The doctors are wary that if he did not have the radiation that this very agressive cancer could spread to his other eye.  Thank you for the prayers.  love Theresa

     Lord, we pray for Gary, give him strength and hope in the midst of his difficult treatment.  Let him become aware of your love for him and let him feel your presence in the midst of it all.  Lord, let the treatments be successful and let him plan for the future with confidence.  We also ask for strength for his mother, Theresa, let her feel your presence also during this time, and give her encouragement and peace.  In Jesus name, Amen. 


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