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-Obama Administration: Hospitals Must Do ‘Sex Changes’ and Abortions or Lose Federal Funding

by Dr. D ~ May 31st, 2016


          (President Obama: Wikipedia)

This story was completely lost in the news over Obama’s transgender bathroom demands for public schools. The same day the Obama administration also announced that all hospitals who receive federal funds of any kind (including Medicare) must accommodate transgender folks and provide sex change operations and abortions or face legal action from the Justice Department. Here’s the story from LifeSite News:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published the final rule for Obamacare’s Section 1557 last Friday (May 13), requiring healthcare providers receiving federal funds to perform “gender transition” services and abortions, or face termination of government aid, along with possible referral to the Department of Justice for legal action. …

It encompasses any health program or activity, any part of which gets HHS funding, which would mean hospitals accepting Medicare and doctors who accept Medicaid, and any HHS-administered health program, as well as health insurance marketplaces and issuers that take part in those marketplaces.  …

The rule’s language indicates that it does not repeal current religious exemptions for faith-based healthcare providers, stating, “The final rule on Section 1557 does not include a religious exemption; however, the final rule does not displace existing protections for religious freedom and conscience.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Missed this one. The ruling seems to allow for religious freedom and conscience, however under the same ‘protections’ mentioned, the Obama administration has included and gone after allied religious organizations, schools, and ministries for their HHS Contraceptive and Abortifcient Mandate. Look for similar action to be taken against Christian hospitals and doctors. Also look for Civil disobedience and the eventual rise of health care services and providers who do not take Medicare or federal funds of any kind.

Also look for this same type of policy and transgender demands to be extended to all schools and colleges (including religious schools) which receive federal funds of any kind even indirectly through student federal grants and loans.

The last few months of the Obama administration should be interesting. Look for this President to try to make as many changes to America as he can even to the chagrin of his own party in the midst of a tough election season.               *Top

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-Backlash: 11 States Suing Obama Over School Transgender Bathroom Overreach

by Dr. D ~ May 26th, 2016


There are now 11 states, with more on the horizon, suing President Obama over his public school transgender bathroom mandate. Here’s the story from Townhall:

Texas was the first state to push back against the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom mandate,  …

Now, 10 other states are joining the Lone Star State in a lawsuit against the White House, two of which have Democratic governors.

The state of Texas is the lead plaintiff and was joined by Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah and Georgia, plus the Arizona Department of Education and the governor of Maine.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Does a president really have the right to dictate a policy to local school districts in 50 states? This goes way beyond transgender bathrooms or civil rights and what ever you may think about that issue. Our whole Constitutional form of  government is at stake.

It is imperative that this constitutional overreach be quickly and effectively challenged and legally checked. Otherwise a precedence will be established that exponentially increases the powers of the US presidency far beyond what was intended by the founders or the Constitutional division of powers. Unchecked, this abuse of Executive Orders could lead someday to an autocratic presidential dictatorship that can override the Congress, the States, and even eventually the Judiciary.  Plus under the emergency powers of the Patriot Act already in place (Thanks to George W. Bush), a future president could conceivably suspend the Bill of Rights, stop elections, and even have any opposition imprisoned all in the name of a ‘national crisis.’

President Obama has stated on a number of occasions that he prefers the European parliamentary system over the Constitutional form of government we have in America. He has talked about his frustrations over the lack of support for his programs in Congress and the limitations that our Constitutional system has placed upon his pursuit of progressive change for America. He has also stated that he is unhappy with the response of the individual states to some of his policies.

In response, he has now taken matters into his own hands and has chosen on a number of different occasions to go over the heads of the Congress and the individual states and make extra-constitutional Executive Orders that defy traditional executive limitations. The Transgender school bathroom mandate is the most blatant executive overreach to date.

It is the job of the federal judiciary to check and maintain the Constitutionally defined powers and limitations. The problem is that we now have a federal judiciary in place that doesn’t really care that much about upholding the Constitution. But rather seems to be more concerned about advancing progressive social issues.

Bottom line, we are living in dangerous times. It is time to stand up and be counted.               *Top

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-Transgender Issue: Now a Christian School is Being Called Out by Atheists

by Dr. D ~ May 25th, 2016


                                                            (St. John’s Lutheran School in Baraboo, Wisconsin)

A couple of weeks ago President Obama demanded that all public schools in America accommodate transgender students when it comes to bathrooms and locker rooms. Now an atheist organization is also calling for a Christian school to follow through regardless of their religious beliefs.  From CharismaNews:

Earlier this year, St. John’s Lutheran School in Baraboo, Wisconsin, sent home a letter to parents telling parents and students that they expect students to live within Christian values while at school.

The letter required parents to sign a handbook pledge and provide a copy of their child’s birth certificate to prove gender. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wisconsin, learned of the letter earlier this month and lodged a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, which forwarded the complain to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The atheistic "freethinker" organization says the school is discriminating on the basis of gender identity. That triggered an immediate "shame campaign" within local media.

<Read the whole article>

Response: This is just the beginning. Look for Christian schools to be targeted for legal and media harassment all across America. Particularly in places like California and the liberal coastal states along with large cities like New York City.

In this case, the atheist organization (FFRF) is raising the issue of federal funding and calling for the Christian school to comply or no longer receive money or support in any way from the government. I guess the Title IX Religious Exemption which was crafted by Congressional legislation no longer applies? At the very least it seems to be the goal of the FFRF to challenge the legality of the exemption.

The Obama administration, the main stream media, and many prominent liberal judges have already decided that LGBT and transgender issues supersede religious liberty and the First Amendment. The battle is just beginning and it is going to rage and Christians must take a stand now or there will no longer be a place in America for Christians schools and colleges, along with Christian institutions and organizations.

Also Christian businesses and institutions will be required to obey the new transgender laws unless there is a huge uprising of believers. Already New York City officials are prepared to fine all those who refuge to accommodate transgender folk regardless of religious convictions and beliefs. Transgender identity is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution but it is on track to trump freedom of religion which is?

How is this possible? We now live in times when a large number of legal leaders in America have little respect for the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights which they call ‘negative rights’ since they limit government and make it difficult for political activists to autocratically force change. The current administration has taken a different tact and has run roughshod over the Constitution by issuing Executive Orders which blatantly violate its provisions and by boldly daring any opposition challenge it. 

President Obama has depended upon the liberal politicians and media along with activist judges to support him regardless and so far has been very successful. It is time for Christians to call him out or slip quietly into a night where there are no longer any viable Christians schools or institutions which have not been forced to give up on their traditional Christian beliefs and freedoms.                *Top

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-Texas: Land Under Cross Sold to Answer Atheists

by Dr. D ~ May 24th, 2016


Another ‘Cross’ attack by atheist activists but this time the land under the cross was sold to a church. Here’s the story from The Blaze:

Local authorities in Port Neches, Texas, have decided to sell a small plot of public park land that currently hosts a large, 10-foot cross to a local church after an atheist activist group threatened to sue for its removal.

City leaders decided to sell the 20? x 20? plot of land to First United Methodist Church for just $100 — a move that would essentially protect the religious symbol’s presence by converting the land from public to private, KBMT-TV reported.  …

A spokesperson for the Freedom From Religion Foundation later called the sale a ave been open for “step in the right direction,” but said that the group wants to be sure that the move was entirely appropriate, and also wants there to be clear markers indicating that the cross is on private land.

<Read the whole article>

Response: This is a good resolution to this case if the atheist group does not end up  blocking it. They are currently trying to put a good face on the whole thing and claim victory for their cause even though thousands of folks have protested the atheists by putting up white crosses on their own private property. But let’s be clear, the real intent of the atheist activists was to take down the cross altogether and this sale does not get it done. So it was hardly a ‘victory.’

Notice that the atheist leaders are questioning the way the land was sold to the church. Read between the lines that they would have liked to have had the opportunity to outbid the Methodist Church for the cross property. Forget the fact that a member of that church put up the money for the cross in the first place. If the FFRF chooses to continue their pursuit through legal action then their real motives will be revealed.

Time and time again atheist activists say that they are only bothered about religious symbols being on publically owned land. The fact is that they would really like to take crosses out of the public square entirely even those which are publically visible on private land.

The Mt. Soledad Cross controversy in San Diego CA lasted 25 years even after the city attempted to deed the land into private hands and eventually to the federal government but the legal actions by atheist activists continued anyway. When Mohave Memorial Cross was finally settled in court, an activist responded by stealing  it and taking it down anyway.

Then there are two recent cases where crosses even on private church land were attacked. One on a hill overlooking a monastery in Riverside CA was destroyed and a lawsuit has come against a church in Corpus Christi, Texas that plans to build a tall cross on their own church property.

So many times it has not really been about religious symbols on public land. Nor has it been against religion so much as a battle against Christianity in particular. I have yet to see a specific lawsuit brought by atheists against Muslim crescents which are also in parks all over America. Mostly put there by Shriners and Masons as were many of the crosses.                    *Top

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-New York City: $250K Fine For Using ‘Wrong’ Pronoun For Transgender Folk?

by Dr. D ~ May 23rd, 2016


(New York City panorama: Wikipedia) 

New York City is planning to give out fines up to $250,000 for willfully using the ‘wrong’ pronoun for transgender folk. Here’s the story from LifeSiteNews:

New York City’s human rights commission says it will fine New York employers and landlords up to $250,000 for using the wrong pronoun to refer to a transgender person.

The New York City Commission on Human Rights’ “Guidance on Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Expression” interprets existing human rights laws against discrimination based on gender to include gender expression, defined as “actual or perceived sex and shall also include a person’s gender identity, self-image, appearance, behavior or expression,” regardless of someone’s biological sex.  …

Legal experts say the guidance violates constitutional guarantees of free speech.

<Read the whole article>

Response: So now in New York City violating ‘Political Correctness’ comes with a fine of up to $250K? What about the First Amendment including Free Speech and religio9us liberty? Will Ministers, Churches, Christian institutions, and organizations also be subjected to this type of unconstitutional overreach?

There doesn’t seem to be any reference to religious accommodation of any kind in the document guiding this policy which requires employers to provide whatever bathroom, locker room, and now pronoun usage according to ones preference on any given day.                *Top

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-Civil Disobedience Against Obama’s Transgender School Policy

by Dr. D ~ May 20th, 2016


At least 12 states have reacted against President Obama’s transgender school policy demands and at least one Congressman is calling for civil disobedience over the issue.

In reality, this policy is dependent upon local school districts and local administrators to administer it. Look for hundreds of school districts in conservative areas to ignore this executive order. With less than a year left to his reign, President Obama will not be able to follow through with any implied threats of legal action or the withholding of federal funds.

Look also for this to become a real campaign issue this election year on many different levels. President Obama with this unconstitutional overreach has not helped his party or their candidates at all. The next President will be forced to deal with this executive order and debacle one way or another.  See our original article on this issue: 

-Obama Administration Trying to Force ‘Transgender Bathrooms’ on All America


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-Hillary: Every Woman in America Should Have Federally Mandated Contraceptive Coverage

by Dr. D ~ May 20th, 2016

Hillary Clinton Verified account ?@HillaryClinton

Every woman, no matter where she works, deserves birth control coverage. This shouldn’t be a question. #SCOTUS -H

2:47 PM – 16 May 2016

In Response to the recent SCOTUS decision on the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic Nuns opposing the Obama administration Contraceptive Mandate, Hillary Clinton tweeted that every woman in America should get federally mandated contraceptive coverage regardless of where she works.  See the Townhall article.

This is a real indication that Hillary would continue the Obama Contraceptive Mandate if elected president. It also gives us a pause to consider how deficient and oppressive her administration might be when her ideology conflicts with religious liberty and the First Amendment.               *Top

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