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- We Should Be Praying For Our Leaders Regardless

by Dr. D ~ September 29th, 2014
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There are very few political leaders right now in America that I whole heartedly agree with particularly the President and the Governor of the state I live in (California).

Nevertheless we should be praying for them regardless. This reminder is for me if no one else. Remember Paul counseled the early Christians to pray for the Roman leaders and as bad as some are in the USA none are in the category of a Nero or Caligula at least not yet.

Here’s a short article reminding us to pray anyway from Citizen Link President Tom Minnery:

“In the Old Testament, in the day of Daniel,” Minnery said, “through the means of directing Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzer and Darius, God handled those despots fairly well to effect His own desires for the Israelites. We saw that in the Old Testament time and time again.

“Obviously, God can, and does, direct the heart of any leader at any time He wills it – even those who don’t believe in Godly principles.”

“Pray for righteousness, pray for our leaders, pray for them to act,” he said. “Do not give up in expecting that God will maneuver human circumstances to accomplish His will.”

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Response: While we are at it remember to pray for our judges and judicial system. Our religious freedoms sometimes are hanging by a thread as cases make there way through the courts. We should particularly be praying for the current Supreme Court justices for their health and for them to receive and accept Godly wisdom.            *Top

-Oklahoma: Woman Beheaded by Recent Muslim Convert

by Dr. D ~ September 26th, 2014

UPDATE: Nolan linked to radical Imam also linked to the Boston bombers.

In a story that was originally reported by the American press as just another case of workplace violence comes the updated information that the fired employee was a recent convert to Islam who tried to convert his co-workers and then ended up beheading one woman before he was stopped while trying to kill another. Here’s the story from the UK Daily Mail:

Alton Alexander Nolen, who converted to Islam during a recent stint in prison, was fired from Vaughan Foods, a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, on Thursday before returning to his SUV and smashing it into another vehicle.

The 30-year-old then climbed out and entered the building, attacking the first two people he saw with a knife he had used at the plant, Moore Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis said.

After beheading Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbing Traci Johnson, 43, Nolen was shot and wounded by off-duty sheriff’s deputy and company CEO Mark Vaughan.

Nolen survived and was hospitalized. Johnson is in stable condition in hospital.

The FBI is now investigating Nolen’s recent conversion to Islam to determine whether it was connected to the attack.

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Response: The FBI is trying to determine whether the attack had anything to do with Islam? Most regular folks would say ‘yes’ since Nolan reportedly tried to convert his fellow workers to Islam and then chose to Kill a woman by beheading her. Obviously Nolan is unbalanced but his recent conversion to Islam and the publicized examples of violence by ISIS probably contributed to the unfortunate choice of beheading in this case.

However the same FBI concluded a few years ago that the murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Hasan was nothing more than ‘workplace violence.’  Plus the Obama administration reportedly would not let Hasan testify to his radical Muslim motives even at his own trial according to his lawyer. So rest assured that the administration will find that this killing also has nothing to do with Islam just like the Islamic State supposedly has nothing to do with Islam according to President Obama.              *Top

-California Baptist Church is Kicked Out of SBC for Accepting Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ September 25th, 2014


The California Baptist congregation which earlier this year came out in support of homosexuality and same-sex marriage has been officially kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention. Here’s the story from the World Mag:

The Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday voted to remove a Los Angeles-area church from its membership after its pastor announced support for same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships.

The national organization’s action came 10 days after the California Southern Baptist Convention voted to remove New Heart Community Church from its fellowship

Posting on Twitter, Russell Moore, president of the convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), described the move as “sad but necessary.”

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Response: The SBC denomination is the largest protestant group in the USA. Member churches are independent but required to subscribe to the basic theology and beliefs of the larger denomination and are free to leave at any time. In this case the congregation did not necessarily want to leave but had voted to depart from some of the core Biblical beliefs of the Convention.

The pastor in this case received all sorts of positive attention from religious progressives including an invitation to the White House during LGBT pride month. But the SBC has ruled that he has erred both “personally and publicly.”

This is not the first SBC congregation to go over this issue nor will it be the last. Earlier this year I wrote that all evangelical ministers and churches would soon be forced to make an official choice concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Some in the evangelical community are supporting a so-called ‘Third Way’ approach, like New Heart Community Church, which opens the church body up to dodge the issue by agreeing to disagree over the issue. The SBC has made it clear to their member churches that this is not an acceptable option. 

From my perspective what that really does is allow evangelical churches and ministries to agree to reject a part of the Bible. In the long run it will totally destroy American evangelicalism which was supposed to be all about the Bible and Biblical teaching.            *Top

-Student Prayer 9/24/2014: “See You At The Pole”

by Dr. D ~ September 24th, 2014

For 24 years the ‘See You At The Pole’ day has demonstrated to schools, parents, and the whole country that prayer is still allowed in public schools just not the official kind led by school officials or teachers. Hundreds of thousands of students participate each year by gathering around their school flag pole on campus the third Wednesday of September. The theme this year is taken from Ephesians 6:18a:


Atheist groups continue to try to shut this down but the law is really on our side. Students have the right to pray in public schools and even teachers can join in as long as they don’t lead.

This year saw a huge disinformation campaign launched all around the country by atheist groups trying to stop prayer in the locker rooms before football games. Warning letters were sent out to nearly every public school district in America. As a result some football coaches have even been fired by their schools for allowing or encouraging the student lead prayers. This will eventually be played out in the courts.  As it now stands students still have the right to pray in school and as I tell my grandchildren, there is absolutely no way anyone can ever stop anyone from giving silent prayers any place or any time.

Meanwhile, the ‘see you at the pole’ movement is demonstrating today that we still have freedom of religion in the public square and even in our schools.           *Top

-Poll: Americans Divided Over Allowing Business Owners to Opt Out For Religious Reasons

by Dr. D ~ September 23rd, 2014


A recent survey taken by the Pew Research Center shows that Americans are closely divided over whether wedding related businesses should be forced to participate in same-sex ceremonies or be allowed to opt out for religious reasons. Also in the same poll a large majority indicated that the role and influence of religion in the American culture was clearly in decline. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

When asked whether businesses should be permitted to refuse matrimonial service based on “religious reasons,” 47 percent of respondents agreed that they should, while 49 percent said owners should be required to serve gay couples; four percent didn’t know which side to take.

The study, which measures numerous facets pertaining to faith in American life, also found that the vast majority of respondents (72 percent) believe that religion is losing its influence in American society.

But most aren’t happy with this change, with 56 percent of the nation calling it a negative development.

<Read the whole article>

Response: The survey is discouraging for those of us who see it as an issue of religious freedom. Clearly the trend is against us and if it continues religious liberty may also decline in America. Already we are seeing the First Amendment interpreted in ways that limit religious participation rather than the original intent which was to preserve it without government interference. 

In this generation there is a real trend among those coming out of Ivy league law schools to view freedom of religion as merely ‘freedom to worship’ within the four walls of an official place of worship. This is reflected in some of the more recent judicial decisions against Christian business owners. Particularly the one handed down by the New Mexico Supreme Court which basically ruled that religious convictions had to be left at home or church and had no place in the running of a business.

47% of those participating in the Pew survey would seem to agree which is far worse than I would have expected and indicates that our religious freedoms in America are clearly in jeopardy regardless of a Constitution that was originally written to secure them.            *Top

-HS Football Coach Fired for Allowing Team to Pray?

by Dr. D ~ September 22nd, 2014
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According to the US Supreme Court students are still allowed to pray in public schools as long as it is not initiated or lead by a teacher, a school  official, minister, or any other adult. However a football coach in Arizona was recently fired for allowing student lead prayers before a game.  Here’s the story from the Blaze:

Gary Weiss, formerly a volunteer coach with the district, said that he was given an ultimatum by school officials: tell players to stop praying or lose his position. He refused and opted for the latter option, according to KVOA-TV.

“My concern is the rights of the kids to do what is their right to do,” Weiss told the outlet.

District administrators said, though, that voluntary prayer is permitted, but that staff members cannot facilitate or promote student invocations.

The central question is whether Weiss was guilty of organizing or supporting prayers among team members — something the coach denies, claiming that no adults led the invocations. Weiss also said that the prayers were inclusive.

<Read the whole article>

Response: I believe the coach when he says that school officials gave him an ultimatum to tell the students to stop praying. The results confirm the story and nothing makes any sense unless he was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, the school and district officials are trying to stop student prayer by intimidation and by restricting the possible opportunity even for it. If a coach makes time for a moment of silence and some student or students lead a team in prayer is the coach then really guilty of initiating, facilitating , or promoting prayer? According to this school district he is. So even making time for it and allowing it by their ruling is a violation regardless of what the SCOTUS might say?

In effect then the students are being restricted and their religious rights are being violated by the district. Hopefully one of the Christian legal groups will take up this cause and straighten it all out.            *Top

-US Air Force Will No Longer Need God’s Help?

by Dr. D ~ September 18th, 2014
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The US Air Force has now officially declared that God’s help is no longer necessary. Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James announced Wednesday that effective immediately “so help me God” will no longer be a part of the required oath for enlisting or reenlisting in that branch of military service. Here’s the story from the Huffington Post:

According to USA Today, the Air Force faced pressure to change the policy from the American Humanist Association, which threatened to sue them on behalf of an airman who was not allowed to reenlist because he would not say the phrase. …

“We take any instance in which Airmen report concerns regarding religious freedom seriously,”  Sec. Lee said in the statement. “We are making the appropriate adjustments to ensure our Airmen’s rights are protected.”

Both the Army and the Navy allow soldiers and sailors to omit saying “so help me God” from their oaths when they enlist.

<Read the whole article>-

Response: Another case where the USA is backing away from its traditional faith and unity in God the Creator.  Today diversity has become more important than unity in America. This makes sense in today’s American culture where faith in God is considered to be only one option among many.

I believe we will rue the day when we turned our back on the providence of God as a nation. According to George Washington there would not even be a country without the divine blessings and providence of the Creator. Even Thomas Jefferson acknowledged the hand of God in American history. But in this generation we are increasingly demanding that we go our own way and do our own thing without divine help.  God is now only an option.           *Top