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-A Letter To Dad

*Now on DVD: From Skipstone Pictures, Nov. 4  2008, Produced and Directed by Johnny Remo, Editor/Co-Producer-Lance Bachelder, Score/Composer-Matt Gates, Writers: Johnny Remo & Dan A. Donavan, Runtime: 86 min., MPAA Rating: Unrated.  Cast: John Ashton – Mike (Dad), Thom Mathews – Dan, Corin Nemec – Dan (teen years), Paul Gleason – Tony, Janice Lynde – […]

Hollywood Unhinged: Matt Damon on Gov. Palin

Response: Gov. Palin never claimed anywhere that dinosaurs were on the earth only 4,000 years ago–a false conjecture. Also, the supposed library book banning has been exposed as a complete hoax by CNN and USA Today. Sorry Matt, thinking and talking without a script is obviously not your forte.            *Top